About my recovery

Somebody asked me about surgery recently. I thought everyone knew, but I guess not! I've had chronic sinusitis for about eight years. My doc says at some point when I was younger I must've broken my nose because I had a deviated septum which he believes may be an underlying cause of some of the problems I had. I don't remember anything in particular, but I was a typical kid, my friends and I would beat the beejesus out of each other all the time cause it was fun. So doc's been tellin me to get surgery for a while now, but I was a-scared. But on my latest flare-up I decided it was time to quit messin around. Doc said he would do the surgeries himself and do them both at once without cutting into my nose. That was a relief cause I didn't want to meet a new doctor and I didn't want my nose removed or otherwise cut into. He gave me two surgeries in one, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Septoplasty. It took forever to shake off the anesthesia, and Sarah, then Koop had to keep an eye on me the first couple days 'cause I was so heavily medicated. I had a bloody gauze taped under my nose for three days. After that I had uncomfortable splints inside my nose for another week. I felt a lot better once those were removed, but recovery's been slow, I still feel dull pains here and there, and have to rinse out my nose every few hours. But I feel a lot more normal than I have in a while. It wasn't the instant miraculous cure I was hoping for but it's a HUGE improvement. I'm gonna try to go back to work this Monday tho. I think once I'm all healed up I'll be a lot better off than I was before. Doc did a pretty good job and has been checkin' up on me. I can't say whether I'd recommend the surgery if you ever have a similar problem. It's a long road but I guess I'd have to say it beats dealing with it on and off forever.

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