EGM RIP (1989-2009)

So EGM is gone.  Taken from Wikipedia:

EGM was closed on 6 January 2009 following the acquisition of the online element of the 1UP network by Hearst Corporation. It was announced that the January 2009 issue would be the final issue of EGM. The unpublished February issue, which would have featured the video game Street Fighter IV on the cover, will be released for free online.

My feelings are mixed.  While I acknowege that this is the end of an era that defined gaming and the gaming media, I haven't read the magazine in years.  I loved the magazine in its early days, which had nothing to do with the fact that I worked there.

I was introduced to the magazine by my friend Martin Alessi.  The first issue he showed me was issue 2 with the very first ever released photos of an early prototype of the Super Famicom (known in the US as Super Nintendo).  I knew this magazine was something special.  They operated out of Lombard, IL which was not far from my home.  Martin had landed a job there by issue 5.  I came in September of 1991 (issue 26), and was there almost two years.  Even after leaving, I still loved the magazine, and had many friends there.

I was gone by the time the time the magazine was sold by Steve Harris and acquired by Ziff-Davis.  It was at that time the magazine transformed into something I wasn't interested in following any longer.  The new management was slowly phasing out all of the people whose opinions I cared about in favor of college graduates who didn't necessarily have the same passion for games.  So In my mind EGM had died a long time ago.  But to hear it was truly gone had somewhat of an impact on me, but on further thought, it's not really surprising when you can get all the news from the internet the moment it happens.  I've been doing that for years now, I've never seen a reason to stay tied to print out of a sense of nostalgia.  It's a shame all of the talent currently employed there was released into this poor economic climate.  Hopefully they all band together and create something special.

So long to my past.

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