Two new Rifftrax

Two new releases from Rifftrax this week, Little Shop of Horrors (the older Roger Corman one, sans Steve Martin and songs) and a new short, Overcoming Fear.  Just finished purchasing both of them, they're both available in DRM free Divx format.  I watched the first few minutes of Overcoming Fear during the Rifftrax Live online show, but Rifftrax.com crashed halfway through and was down for over 24 hours.  I was sad.  But everything seems to be ok now, I was able to purchase both with no problem. Check them out when you get a chance, I've been watching their recently released commentary on Star Wars every night as I go to sleep. My favorite part of Little Shop of Horrors is when Jack Nicholson's character first appears, Mike Nelson says "Heerre's Johnny!" HAHA!

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