You people suck

Yeah, I finally brought back Radd's Basement. Why? Cause I was bored. I just had sinus surgery as everybody knows by now. So I had to do something while I was lying around for three weeks recovering. So this is the result. I'm using Blogger by Google, 'cause I am way too lazy to create my own site. I also popped for the radd.tv domain as you can see. I bought it through no-ip.com who hosted my old radd.serveftp.com free domain for many years. It still works too, but will just bring you here now. Hosting through no-ip allows me to easily host from home.

Oh, I also totally ripped off EGM's old logo. RIP EGM... :(

So I plan on using this blog to talk about things I think are awesome. I also plan to use it for complaints and grievances. It's also a place to keep various pictures and videos I may want to share. I'm pretty notorious for forcing others to be into the things I am, while refusing to get into anything they show me. This site will make that process much easier for me. Hey, I'm a leader, not a follower.

Also, you people suck and should kill yourselves.