Mirror's Edge makes me sick!

I don't mean I hate the game, I actually love it. I mean literally SICK...
Anyone who knows my gaming tastes knows I hate first person games. They all look and play the same with the same drab color scheme, and I can't tell 'em apart. But Mirror's Edge is colorful and different and really caught my eye. A first person platformer. You just run and jump and dodge. A test of acrobatic skill rather than marksmanship. There are guns in it, but you usually just steal them from enemies, beat them or shoot them with the gun then throw it away. Guns are not the point here.  
So I pick it up for PS3 and I play it for about an hour and start to get really sick. Headache which I dismissed as sinuses, but then nausea. So I stop playing, but continue to suffer for another hour and then just go to sleep. Next day, same thing. Now I'm the type of person who points and laughs at epilepsy and motion sickness warnings at the beginning of games. "Who the hell gets motion sickness from games?" *SIGH*
Like always, I look it up on Wikipedia, and here's why motion sickness happens. So I go to Wal-Mart and buy Dramamine. I can't believe I'm buying Dramamine to play a video game. What has the world come to? So I take the Dramamine a half hour before playing Mirror's Edge, and I can play it for 2+ hours with no problems. Gay.
Now sit back, pop a couple Dramamine and see for yourself:  (Use the little arrow to go to full screen for the full effect)

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