Well ok it's not new, it's old; which happens to be my favorite kind of new.  I didn't even realize this was coming out, I must be slipping in my old age.  They took R-Type and R-Type II and 3D-ized them and made them 2 player Xbox Live co-op, AND kept the original music.  No crappy remixes here *ahem* ...street figher hd remix... *ahem* Sorry, just wasn't a fan, classic music for me!  Just good old R-Type.  Plus swich to classic 2D sprites seamlessly in the middle of gameplay.  Just a fantastic upgrade!  2 games for 1200 Microsoft points.  I guess that's fair.  I'm a huge shooter fan, from back in the day when shooters were set in space, not in some drab 3D environment where the only part of me on the screen is a hand and a gun.  Oops, I'm being grizzled again.  R-Type was one of the two games I had to choose from when I decided to buy an arcade cabinet back in '92.  Ultimatey I went with Super Contra because it was in better shape, and we all know what happened to that.
Anybody up for some R-Type co-op?  Duckhead turn on your Xbox!

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