Speaking of Futurama...

I just got an early preview of the fourth and final Futurama DTV movie from "The Internet". It's called Into The Wild Green Yonder.

I just watched it, and it may be my favorite of the Futurama movies. It's the first of the four movies that actually seems like a "movie" rather than an episode. A really big story and it ends in a great way that could be a nice ending for the series, or allow it to return and go in any direction. You can tell the creators knew it might be the end, it was very clever. It would still be nice to see the show return to regular episodes after this, but if this is it, it's a nice way to go out. Shame because it's a better show than The Simpsons, now on what, it's 39th season?

I did enjoy the first three movies as well, Bender's Big Score being my favorite of the those because of the ingenious time travel plot, and the fact that it was my first time seeing the characters since cancellation two years earlier.

You'll find a copy of Into The Wild Green Yonder on my media server or here's a direct FTP link (password required). Please buy it afterwards, it's official release is February, 24th. Don't rip off Futurama or I'll come to your house and punch your neck. The more that sell, the higher the chances the show will return.

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