Yes Rick, only a dream...

If you didn't do tabletop RPG with me in high school, you probably won't appreciate this. But going back to 1988-1992, our days and nights were dominated by a little thing called Robotech. I blame my friend Kevin for my many fond memories of blowing each other up with barrages of missiles in a mental realm. It was something he'd been doing for a while with a small group of people, and he wanted to get me on board as soon as possible. So I first had to be initiated into the cult by watching six videotapes full of the entire Robotech anime series. After that, I was assigned a character who I named Radd which is a handle that I've stuck with to this day. I had the fortune of moving up the ranks quickly in "Blaxe's Forces" because all I cared about back then were video games and Robotech and all I did for those years was play and play and boost my character's level (in between Kevin's many groundings by his mother, A.K.A. the troll). So in the course of this foolishness, Kevin decided to chronicle our misadventures in a newsletter. There were no computers back then, so all graphic design and art direction was handled alone by Kevin, his typewriter and the copy machine at Lockport Library. The Blaxe's Forces Player Newsletters spanned many incarnations, and was eventually joined by many other writers and contributors, including Kevin's brother Patt who added his unique wit and wisdom to the final three issues.

I'm in the process of scanning each and every page and converting these to PDF at the moment. A project I abandoned a while back, but now that I'm back in regular contact with Kevin and Jim after losing track of them for a while, I've been inspired to return to the project. So without further delay, here is Issue #1 of Blaxes Forces Player Newsletter. I believe this one came out November 1989, but correct me if I'm wrong Kevin...

I'll post the others as I complete their PDF conversions.

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