Part 1: Got iPhone, became iNerd

I've been hearing how great the iPhone is for a while now, but like most things, you really don't know until you try. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon. If everyone's doin it, chances are I'm not. Probably why I never got into booze, smokes or weed. I realized early on that I was different from most people, and for a long time believed there was something wrong with me. Turns out there's something wrong with this country... It's dumber than a fish on a bicycle. So typically I don't follow the crowd, because the crowd is an idiot.

I will however take a second look when my friends start doing something because for the most part they're a pretty sharp bunch... For the most part. So everyone's telling me I need an iPhone and I can see a few interesting things here and there and after some research I thought that might be a cool thing to have someday, but right now I work at US Cellular, and I can get free phone service through them, and you need AT&T for an iPhone. So why would I spend all the extra money? Well, a few circumstances fell into place, and I'll tell you about them.

First of all, I have AT&T as a provider and always have since Sarah and I jumped on the cell phone bandwagon a couple years ago (yes we were late bloomers, my wife like myself is not a follower). When I first started at US Cellular, I ordered a Motorola Q9c phone through the employee phone program. That was in October. Something happened to my order, and I never received my phone. Around December, I called the employee phone program and asked what the delay was. They apologized and said they'd ship it right away. Two days later I got a box and excitedly opened it. Inside was a Blackberry, not the Motorola I ordered. At the time I had a Mororola Razr. I liked that phone and wanted to stick with Motorola. So again, I called the employee phone program and asked what the deal was. They again apologized and said ship back the phone and we'll ship your proper phone. I shipped back the phone, and to this day never received the one I ordered. Then my surgery came up and this whole thing took a back seat for a while.

Last week my Razr died, decided it was tired of living and killed itself. I called US Cellular employee phone program, and they apologized yet again and said they could get me my proper phone in a couple days. Hmmm... kinda need a new phone now, and based on the performance on the employee phone program thus far, I'm not really expecting to have a phone to speak of anytime soon. It's been two years, I should be eligible for a new contract discount on an upgrade with AT&T, I'll see what they've got. So I went to the AT&T store in Joliet Mall to see what they could do for me. A fellow with a white shirt, black tie and amazing mohawk named Sean (presumably pronounced SH-AW-NN) stopped over to help me. I had been looking at the iPhone at the moment. Bad timing. "Interested in an iPhone?" I smiled and said, "eh, maybe someday, right now I just wanna fix my phone or get a new one." Sean took a look and said maybe my antenna was dead, cause I'd been getting no signal. So we decided to look into a new phone, 'cause I need a phone obviously, and that day for sure I was going to get one. So we talked about the things I use a phone for, and Sean seemed unable to let go of the fact that I was eyeing up that iPhone. I was unwilling to put down the extra cash to pay for it, but at the end of the day, Sean defeated me and I walked out with an iPhone.  He even mentioned the fact that my phone not arriving from US Cellular and my contract coming up and phone dying all at the same time were signs I needed to get an iPhone.  He was good...  Like a politician, ninja or some kind of sorcerer.

WORTH EVERY PENNY! I will explain why in Part 2: The iPhone is the greatest invention in the history of civilization.

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