After a 12 year hiatus, Kevin's Blaxe's Forces Robotech RPG campaign is on its way back!

Some background here, as you may or may not know, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles was released in 2006, a full length feature which continued the long abandoned story of Robotech. This re-sparked my interest in Robotech, and apparently many others because a new RPG sourcebook was released, just for The Shadow Chronicles.

When I got back in touch with Kevin, I asked if he'd seen the new movie. When he answered no, I made him watch it, in much the same manner as he made me watch the original Robotech series all those years ago. Within a week, he'd gotten the sourcebooks and was hard at work on a new RPG campaign in the Shadow Chronicles timeline.

In the meantime, I began work on a repository for all things related to our Robotech games, past and present. The result is The Blaxe's Forces Player Website, hosted here at radd.tv (on my quad-core server). As I mentioned in a previous update I was scanning the original Blaxe's Forces Player Newsletters to PDF. This project has come along nicely, I only have two issues left to scan. All of the completed issues have a permanent home at http://robotech.radd.tv/, with more to come.

Finally, Kevin, Patt and myself are in the process of producing a BRAND NEW issue of the Blaxe's Forces Player Newsletter. We'll keep you posted on the newsletter's progress at the Blaxe's Forces website, as well as Kevin's new Robotech campaign.

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