Where am I?

For those who don't know, I left U.S. Cellular recently to take a job at a company called Futurevision. They contract out jobs from Dish Network to do satellite installations and maintenance, and home theater installs. So I am a cable guy. More specifically a satellite guy. I'm really diggin' it so far, I've been traveling around with another more experienced installer and helping out. He's been showing me the ropes as we travel across Chicagoland. In the past two weeks I've been in the most immaculate and spotless homes, to the most dirty, cat piss, stank-ass, laundry on the floor homes around. I had an early day today which has been my first opportunity in a while to update. After the past four years spent behind a desk, I'm absolutely loving being outside, stompin' through mud, hangin on rooftops and crawling through crawlspaces and attics. Soon I'll get my own truck and equipment and I'll be unleashed on the world. God help you all.

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