The triumphant return of EGM...

That link says it all. Electronic Gaming Monthly is returning, in the hands of it's original creator no less!

I talked awhile back about EGM going out of print, as you may recall. Now it seems Steve Harris has taken action to buy back and revive the magazine in its print form. A bit of gaming history, Steve was the original creator and owner of Sendai Media Group, and Editor-in-Chief of EGM (and my former boss). He sold the company to Ziff-Davis, who continued the magazine for a number of years, and eventually gave it an online presence, 1-Up.com. 1-Up was then purchased by Hearst Communications as of this year, and the first act of the new corporate overlords was to cease production on EGM's printed form.

This is why I install Satellite TV. I don't fit into the corporate world, where decisions are based solely on the acquisition of wealth. I understand the term "good for business" and I've had plenty of exposure at many companies, including EGM. Even got a taste when I was involved with Gaming FM. You have to make decisions outside your normal character for the good of the business. I don't like to make those decisions. That's why I'm no longer a businessman, and why I didn't make it at EGM. I don't believe you should have to stand on the shoulders of your employees, or shut down production on a magazine with a 20 year history to be successful, do you? Maybe you do... That's why I install Satellite TV.

Steve Harris was one of those people that made me feel the way I do about corporate America. He was one of those bosses that sat on a black leather throne in an office with a gold plaque that read "God-Emperor of Sendai" and made himself completely inaccessible, even a bit scary to a 17-19 year-old employee like myself. He eventually fired me for reasons I won't get into here, but it was one of the best life-lessons I could ever learn. When I started Gaming FM, I believe I acted with friendship and respect toward my co-founders and we were consistently successful for a long time as a team. It's a lesson that can't be taught through words, you have to live it. I did.

I will say this. Although Steve and I had differences, I had and continue to have respect for him as a gamer and creator of EGM. The magazine under his leadership always had the best design, the most current news, and was always at the cutting edge in every way. By far the finest gaming magazine in existence. I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that he's bringing back EGM and taking the helm. I said before, I don't think there's a place for printed media alongside the internet. However, I know that Steve is a smart fellow, and it sounds to me like he's maybe going with a weekly format? Possibly as a companion for the website. Sounds like an interesting idea and I will be watching and waiting as this project takes form. I haven't cared about EGM since Steve left, but hearing this news really gave me a feeling of nostalgia. It's just plain cool.

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