"It stinks!"

Well, I was home a few days with a stomach bug.  And by stomach bug I mean catastrophic shutdown of my entire digestive system.  Doc says I'll be ok, so while I recover, I decided to update the website.  I get tired of the same old thing after a while ya know, and I decided to change things up.  So I just changed the template in Blogger, obviously the colors are different but overall layout is the same.  I wanted one that maintained the layout I'm used to, but provided a more toned down color scheme.  So here it is.  Among other changes:
  • New main logo and other graphics to fit the new color scheme of course.  I experimented in Photoshop with a couple other video game related logos, but ultimately decided I love the simplicity of the Metal Gear Solid logo.
  • Twitter updates can now be refreshed without refreshing the whole page by clicking the Twitter logo.  This grew out of the fact that the twitter updates occasionally don't appear on the page if Twitter.com takes too long to respond.  This fixes the problem with some fancy iframe trickery.
  •  Easier to subscribe via RSS, took out the confusing RSS feeder provided by Blogger and made my own much simpler one and placed it at the top of the sidebar.
  • iPhone Safari users auto redirected to http://mobile.radd.tv.  Windows Internet Explorer users are directed to switch to Firefox so I don't have to fix their computers later.
  • Jump breaks added to older posts.  Reduces clutter on the main page.  Simply click the "read more" link at the bottom of older articles.  Number of posts per page reduced from five to three.  A lot less scrolling now.
  • Ads removed, page loads much faster now.
  • Font changed from Trebuchet to Arial/Helvetica.  Easier to read, font color changed from dark grey to black.
  • Radd Radio and Radd TV are back up and running, I never got around to reloading them after upgrading to Windows Server 2003 R2.   Eventually I will put new or additional content in there as well.
In the end, does anyone but me really care?  Definitely not, but it's good to keep my web and graphics skills in tune.  You never know where the next opportunity will come from.  Anyways it's fun.  And it beats having some lame Facebook page.  Why share your web space with other people?  They'll just tell you you're wrong and push their crazy vegan values on you.  People suck and should kill themselves.  Get a blog!  Anyways that's it, just wanted to point out the already obvious update to Radd's Basement.

"What do you think?"

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