Kevin Smith, fat guy

I hate flying. I don't travel much, and there's a reason for that. I just think the whole experience of flying is a hassle, and the people at the airport just don't give a shit about you. However, if you raise a stink about the situation, you get hauled out in handcuffs because 9/11 gave the airline industry an asshole license. There's a fine line between safety and courtesy apparently.

However, I like Kevin Smith. He's a writer/director and commentator on life experience, who tells it like it is. He wrote/directed a number of moderately successful comedy flicks that I enjoy and he speaks at colleges as an "average joe" who deals with Hollywood and has some interesting stories to tell. I'm a big fan.

What the hell do airplanes and Kevin Smith have to do with one another? Well, Kevin has a podcast where he discusses the subjects mentioned in the previous paragraph, but in his latest he talks seriously about an incident that occurred on a flight home on Southwest Airlines yesterday. This is hot off the presses, he recorded the podcast as soon as he got home and released it today.

It's all about him being kicked off a Southwest flight for being a "security risk" (too fat). I'm not necessarily a fat dude (though certainly not in shape), but this will piss you off no matter what your body type. Amazing how airlines can treat people! In typical Kevin Smith style he's a man who accepts, even embraces his shape and puts a comedic spin on the story. It's an hour and thirty long, but it's an EXCELLENT listen, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about it.

Listen below, or click the link in the title above and save it for later on your iPod. Listen in the car or train, or even on a plane, but listen. If you've ever flown, or plan to fly in the future, chubby or not, it's quite a story.

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