Well I gotta say, that Nintendo Switch has me fascinated. Nintendo chose a really weird way to unveil it, with a strange commercial and very little fanfare.You gotta create buzz guys! Hold a keynote, at the very least a Nintendo Direct, not his oddly scored commercial that crashed your website and depicts a world where socializing and nature get the middle finger from gaming. They continue to make these weird decisions in the post Iwata era, and hey that's Nintendo. Love 'em or don't. Despite the weirdness, the desperate company, limping along with the Wii U, really came up with another game changing innovation in my opinion. I'm intrigued by this little box and am hungry for more info about it. Who'd have thought the cartridge-based system would make a comeback. Thanks Nintendo for being weird, and making video game systems, and not creating one of these all-in-one media powerhouses like your competitors. Focus on video games like you always have, and continue to surprise us all!

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