Photo of the Month (February)

This month’s photo is of a cat doing a Shoryuken.  It commemorates the release this month of Street Fighter IV, a long overdue direct sequel to my favorite game of all time Street Fighter II.  I’m going to attempt freeze myself until the 17th because I can’t wait till then.  I’ll let you know how that works out.  Until then, look for me in your grocer’s freezer.  Here’s a trailer (PC only, not working in PS3 browser):


About my recovery

Somebody asked me about surgery recently. I thought everyone knew, but I guess not! I've had chronic sinusitis for about eight years. My doc says at some point when I was younger I must've broken my nose because I had a deviated septum which he believes may be an underlying cause of some of the problems I had. I don't remember anything in particular, but I was a typical kid, my friends and I would beat the beejesus out of each other all the time cause it was fun. So doc's been tellin me to get surgery for a while now, but I was a-scared. But on my latest flare-up I decided it was time to quit messin around. Doc said he would do the surgeries himself and do them both at once without cutting into my nose. That was a relief cause I didn't want to meet a new doctor and I didn't want my nose removed or otherwise cut into. He gave me two surgeries in one, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Septoplasty. It took forever to shake off the anesthesia, and Sarah, then Koop had to keep an eye on me the first couple days 'cause I was so heavily medicated. I had a bloody gauze taped under my nose for three days. After that I had uncomfortable splints inside my nose for another week. I felt a lot better once those were removed, but recovery's been slow, I still feel dull pains here and there, and have to rinse out my nose every few hours. But I feel a lot more normal than I have in a while. It wasn't the instant miraculous cure I was hoping for but it's a HUGE improvement. I'm gonna try to go back to work this Monday tho. I think once I'm all healed up I'll be a lot better off than I was before. Doc did a pretty good job and has been checkin' up on me. I can't say whether I'd recommend the surgery if you ever have a similar problem. It's a long road but I guess I'd have to say it beats dealing with it on and off forever.


Dilip Sucks at Soul Calibur

So Dilip sucks at Soul Calibur IV. Hey, that's not my opinion, it's his. Take a look:


Two new Rifftrax

Two new releases from Rifftrax this week, Little Shop of Horrors (the older Roger Corman one, sans Steve Martin and songs) and a new short, Overcoming Fear.  Just finished purchasing both of them, they're both available in DRM free Divx format.  I watched the first few minutes of Overcoming Fear during the Rifftrax Live online show, but Rifftrax.com crashed halfway through and was down for over 24 hours.  I was sad.  But everything seems to be ok now, I was able to purchase both with no problem. Check them out when you get a chance, I've been watching their recently released commentary on Star Wars every night as I go to sleep. My favorite part of Little Shop of Horrors is when Jack Nicholson's character first appears, Mike Nelson says "Heerre's Johnny!" HAHA!


Turbo boost not included

So Sarah got me this for Christmas, I was pretty surprised. It's a GPS that gives you directions in William Daniels' voice, the voice of KITT from the 80's (hit?) show Knight Rider (Not to be confused with Val Kilmer, who voices KITT from the 2008 (cancelled?) show of the same name). Anyways, it's pretty sweet. Now I go out in the Jeep and get lost on purpose so I can have KITT guide me back home. It comes with a nice mounting arm to attach to the windshield, so I went and got a mounting arm for my PSP too, now I can watch... er, listen to my movies AND I don't get lost anymore while driving (just get me to Chicago Ridge).


EGM RIP (1989-2009)

So EGM is gone.  Taken from Wikipedia:

EGM was closed on 6 January 2009 following the acquisition of the online element of the 1UP network by Hearst Corporation. It was announced that the January 2009 issue would be the final issue of EGM. The unpublished February issue, which would have featured the video game Street Fighter IV on the cover, will be released for free online.

My feelings are mixed.  While I acknowege that this is the end of an era that defined gaming and the gaming media, I haven't read the magazine in years.  I loved the magazine in its early days, which had nothing to do with the fact that I worked there.

I was introduced to the magazine by my friend Martin Alessi.  The first issue he showed me was issue 2 with the very first ever released photos of an early prototype of the Super Famicom (known in the US as Super Nintendo).  I knew this magazine was something special.  They operated out of Lombard, IL which was not far from my home.  Martin had landed a job there by issue 5.  I came in September of 1991 (issue 26), and was there almost two years.  Even after leaving, I still loved the magazine, and had many friends there.

I was gone by the time the time the magazine was sold by Steve Harris and acquired by Ziff-Davis.  It was at that time the magazine transformed into something I wasn't interested in following any longer.  The new management was slowly phasing out all of the people whose opinions I cared about in favor of college graduates who didn't necessarily have the same passion for games.  So In my mind EGM had died a long time ago.  But to hear it was truly gone had somewhat of an impact on me, but on further thought, it's not really surprising when you can get all the news from the internet the moment it happens.  I've been doing that for years now, I've never seen a reason to stay tied to print out of a sense of nostalgia.  It's a shame all of the talent currently employed there was released into this poor economic climate.  Hopefully they all band together and create something special.

So long to my past.


Photo of the month (January)

Every month I'm going to post a photo I think is interesting. You'll find it on the right side of the page. Think of them as the "cover" of each month's "issue" I guess.  This month is a picture of the EGM staff taken from the National Enquirer early 1992 (The golden years). The article was about Steve Harris, so I never bothered to save that part. And yes, I am in the photo along with Olaf. As you may have heard, EGM is no more. Kinda sad, I plan on posting a comment about it in a couple days...


You people suck

Yeah, I finally brought back Radd's Basement. Why? Cause I was bored. I just had sinus surgery as everybody knows by now. So I had to do something while I was lying around for three weeks recovering. So this is the result. I'm using Blogger by Google, 'cause I am way too lazy to create my own site. I also popped for the radd.tv domain as you can see. I bought it through no-ip.com who hosted my old radd.serveftp.com free domain for many years. It still works too, but will just bring you here now. Hosting through no-ip allows me to easily host from home.

Oh, I also totally ripped off EGM's old logo. RIP EGM... :(

So I plan on using this blog to talk about things I think are awesome. I also plan to use it for complaints and grievances. It's also a place to keep various pictures and videos I may want to share. I'm pretty notorious for forcing others to be into the things I am, while refusing to get into anything they show me. This site will make that process much easier for me. Hey, I'm a leader, not a follower.

Also, you people suck and should kill yourselves.