Why I hated (and loved) Star Trek

Everyone knows when it comes to Star Trek; I am by far the biggest authority and fan among the circle of people I know. I’ve seen each episode of each of the five series and all of the movies. I know Star Trek, its history, its planets, its people and its culture. That being said, I obviously have some pretty major things to say about a new Star Trek movie. So without delay, here it is… You’ve been hitting my website hourly to see it. I’ve finally compiled my thoughts on the new Star Trek movie. It’s less of a review than it is just random rants and musings. But be warned… If you haven’t seen the movie, I will ruin it for you. Here is the customary and required by internet law…


If you’re still reading this, you’ve already seen the movie or don’t care if it’s ruined for you. Here we go.