Rode bike, didn't die.

Went on a 14.1 mile bike ride today with @Olaf330 and @duckhead. Did surprisingly well, didn't die or anything. Got a cool app for the iPhone called EveryTrail that records the trip and lets you share it online. If you click the link above the map it traces the route and shows the ride stats: Duration (1:45), Average Speed (8mph), etc. Pretty neat!

I&M Trail Channahon: Bridge St. to Cemetery Rd.


April hacks day!

Mastermind hacker, caught in the act.
Sorry about the downtime yesterday, some sneaky little bastard hacked my site again. Coincidentally, same day as last year... I had the culprit in custody, at which point he apologized and promised to never ever do it again. Shortly thereafter, he gave me the finger, bit me and ran off shouting "See you next year a**hole!" The hacker is currently still at large.

That hamster's a dick...

And I've quite possibly lost my mind.