Back on the trail, and back on the blog!

Yeah, I'm back. Went on an unplanned, unscheduled bike ride today with Patt Blaz. I figured on a test of his newly assembled bike around his neighborhood, but he wanted to brave a trail he knew of near his house. This trail, surrounding the cooling lake for the Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant looked to be at least 10 miles long. I've been off my bike for the last month, Patt had been off his for the past 10 years. I cautioned that we might want to turn around after three miles or so, and go a total of six miles. Patt was optimistic that we could make a full lap, so we bravely and foolishly threw caution to the wind.

A lot of the trail was downhill, so it was making our ride easy. We joked that it was good we decided to go all the way around because it would suck to have to ride back uphill. Guess what? At the halfway mark, there was construction underway blocking the way forward. Nice... First geese nearly kill me, and now this trail would surely be the end...

After a short cry, we made our way back and by the end we were both close to death. But we survived to laugh about it another day and I've documented the entire ride here. If you zoom in to maximum you can see us crying when we hit the dead end. Click the link below for a full screen map with ride stats:

Braidwood cooling lake trail

Duration: 2 Hours, 1 Minute
Length: 10.2 Miles
Average Speed: 5 mph
(Note: stats represent two old out of shape dudes, we'll do better next time)