New Wonder Woman Fixed (UPDATE)

The Internet got a hold of the first picture of Adrianne Palicki in costume for David E. Kelley's upcoming Wonder Woman TV series. I don't like it, so I fixed it. Hover (or click) the image below to see my suggested changes as a respected comic book nerd (details of changes below the image):

She's a good lookin girl, got no problem with her look, but the costume has problems. First of all, we all know Wonder Woman has RED boots... fixed. I'm cool with going from the traditional shorts to pants, the new Wonder Woman comics have her in pants. But come on, use the right color pants! Fixed. The whole costume is way too shiny, FIXED! Toned down the lipstick so she no longer looks like a goddamn clown too.

That took me fifteen minutes in Photoshop, surely you can do better with your millions of dollars, Hollywood.

UPDATE 4.1.11:

Thanks to Koop for passing along this news - The following set photo has appeared online:

It's as if they read my blog...  SO GLAD someone acted on this one.  Too bad NBC will cancel it after 10 episodes, but still, good effort.  Thank you to whomever made this change!