You're ON the internet right now! Why don't you care?

I can't believe how many people STILL don't know about SOPA and PIPA, and what they represent for our future. I've been around long enough, and I know my history. IF THIS PASSES, it's only the first step toward a government regulated internet just like China has. IF THIS DOESN'T PASS, they WILL try again. We need to send a message to rich people NOW, that they're rich enough. That's what this really boils down to right? Oh sure, Hollywood and the recording industry will hide behind their oh so tired mantra of protecting their intellectual property, but in the end they just want to make more money.

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Whether you're a pirate, or a law abiding citizen, you must understand that this is a power that if granted, will be abused by those who have it. Let's say I post a picture of the Enterprise. If bills like this should pass, Viacom (who owns Paramount, who in turn owns Star Trek) is within their right to tell my web host to shut down Radd's Basement, and tell Google to stop showing Radd's Basement in their search results. All this without any trial or due process. Guilty until proven innocent, and hell, we're not even gonna bother to find out if you're innocent, it doesn't matter because you're already gone. The entire internet will become censored in this fashion, based on the whims of the rich. Let's say somebody makes a discussion forum post sharing a movie or music link, the website which hosts that discussion forum could be shut down and blocked from Google search results, because one guy who has nothing to do with said website posted that.

Hopefully nobody is naive enough to think that it'll only be used for its intended purpose, to "stop piracy". Because we all know people with power typically abuse it. Ever been talked down to by anyone in the security or law enforcement field, or ever been through oh I don't know AIRPORT SECURITY? It's the same principle that will be in play here until the internet is shaped into the design that the government and the rest of the rich people want. Don't they own enough? The internet is the last thing that sort of belongs to the people. They don't want that, and eventually they'll succeed because nobody did anything.

So what can we do? Well, for one thing, we can learn:


After we learn, we can act: