Possibly the coolest thing ever...

This was originally sent to me by @grafxguru73 months ago, and I finally got around to checking it out.  So some crazy internet dude with a copy of Flash and a lot of free time made a version of Super Mario Bros. where you can not only go through the game as Mario like normal, but as other popular 8-bit characters like Simon Belmont and Mega Man. It's absolutely ridiculous how fun this is, click below to play it yourself, you'll need Flash installed or enabled, sorry iPhone users...

If you have a gamepad connected to your PC, you can play it with that using JoyToKey to emulate the game's keyboard functions. I did just that, and it made playing it much easier and more fun!

The creator also just released a trailer for the next version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, featuring a cool new character:

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