Gaming FM is back! Sort of...

Wait a minute now chum, leave us not get excited here...  Gaming FM is back on the web, yes that's true.  But before you pee yourself, It's just a social presence to allow our once great community to come together and connect again.  No music is streaming anywhere, on any one station, let alone four stations!!! Nor is there any plan for such things in the future! Phew...

I'm not sure what made me decide to put the GFM brand back on the 'net... I guess in building a web presence for the business I started (which has kept me extremely busy lately, more on that later) I realized how simple it would be to create a presence for Gaming FM as well.  It took me all of two hours to make fully functional Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts for GFM, and I'm now kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  Gaming FM was great once, and it's memory is still fresh in a lot of minds.  As I'm finding out in only the first couple of days after going live, maybe fresher than I realized.

Just do a Google search for Gaming FM, and it's clear our departure had a negative impact on the gaming community.  I don't think something so important to so many people deserves to go quietly into the night.  While our reasons for closing down the site remain justified, it should still exist at least in some form.  I'd like those Google searches to yield a more positive legacy for our hard work than what currently exists out there.

The big question on everyone's mind I'm sure is, will this lead to a Gaming FM revival?  Well, never say never. It's a different internet now than it was just a few short years ago.  High speed broadband is widespread and mobile devices rule the interwebs.  It would take a lot of capital, a lot of bandwidth and a lot of free time to pull it off.  GFM would have to be re-imagined from the ground up, and believe me, I've been doing a lot of imagining.  I have a lot of ideas in the cooker, but I don't feel the itch just yet.  Maybe I never will.  Don't get your hopes up for GFM 2012, but as I stated, you just never say never.

For now though, I hope you'll visit the GFM Facebook Page.  It's very important that you press LIKE so the word can spread that GFM still has a spark of life left in it.  I hate Facebook as much as anyone tho, so for the haters, there's also a Google+ and Twitter feed as I mentioned.  I'll be updating these feeds semi-regularly with video game music tidbits I find interesting and answering questions. Things are just getting started now, but hopefully we'll strike up some conversation soon.

What do you think?  Comments below or see you in the social web! Yeah I said social web.  It exists.  Deal with it.