Episode 1: Andy DiGenova

Today I am so happy to be able to bring you the first episode of my brand new podcast! My first nerd guest is none other than super famous podcaster Andy DiGenova! Known for his MANY podcast endeavors (well, 2) we were so happy to finally work out a time to be able to do a podcast together. We discuss Andy's nerd origins, his Batman fetish, and I find out how the other side lives when he answers the question "Why did you like Batman v. Superman?". We also discuss The DC and Marvel TV universes. We had a blast and I hope you do too, so enjoy and thank you so much for swinging by to give me a shot! If you liked it (or hated it), leave a review, Follow and Like, and come back in two weeks (or sooner, maybe?) for more fun!



  1. Best Episode I since 1999!! Stephen Amell must be a Dr. Who fan because the boots thing is sooo 2013 when the 10th & 11th Doctors' shoes were teased on twitter. No way I'm letting the CW steal the BBC's thunder, LoL. Secondly, Jensen Ackles Rules! Seriously though, CONGRATS on the launch buddy, Lookin' forward to many more to come! P.S. You'll know you've made it when the death threats start rollin' in, haha. (just kidding) Keep up the fun :0)