Episode 9: Doctor Who - Part 1

Radd here. For those who listen to every episode of my podcast, you may remember episode #7 where I talked to my buddy Koop about Star Wars. Then, in episode #8, I spoke to Mike Vallas about Nintendo Switch. In both episodes, we'd mentioned how we should all get together sometime and talk about Doctor Who. So I figured why not just stop talking about it, and TALK ABOUT IT!

So here it is, finally one of the promised themed episodes of nerdery, where I sit down with my pals Mike Vallas and Koop and figure out why we love this weird British science fiction series.

I will assume whether or not you've watched Doctor Who, that you've at least heard of it in some capacity. It has a longer history than any TV series out there, it just celebrated its 50th anniversary and pre-dates even Star Trek! The original Doctor Who aired from 1963 to 1989, and the current series picked up in 2005, continuing right where the old left off, and recognizes all of its previous history. The show stars a character called the Doctor. A non-Earthling who flies around in a time machine/spaceship which happens to be stuck in the form of a British Police Box. The series is able to achieve unprecedented levels of longevity due to a clever bit of writing that shows when the Doctor becomes old or is killed, his body can regenerate itself. When this happens, the Doctor is a completely new person with all of the same memories, experiences and ideals. A new actor steps into the role, and the story continues!

I was never into the original series, so I let Koop and Vallas have the first hour, explaining to me why they loved it so much. The second hour, we all mutually dive into the new series, which I'm very familiar with. There are things we love, things we don't, so we discuss. If you're not familiar with the show, you may be a little lost as we assume a prior knowledge of the show on some level. But WHO knows, you may actually want to give the show a look after hearing our thoughts on it. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

To any new listeners who may have dropped in to hear a #doctorwho discussion, welcome and thank you for visiting!


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