25th Anniversary of EGM's Sheng Long April Fool's Trick!

I just had the privilege of attending the Sheng Long April Fools anniversary event at Pixel Blast Arcade. If you listen to my podcast, you know my history at EGM and how fortunate I am to have been right there to watch Ken Williams A.K.A Sushi-X change the course of video game history with what we thought at the time was just a simple, but great gag for the April 1992 issue of EGM. Who knew 25 years later the legacy of what Ken did back then would be alive and well every time someone plays Street Fighter and picks Akuma. Ken was on hand to sign autographs and fight all warriors at Street Fighter II Hyperfighting. I snuck in a couple wins until Ken got wise to my tactics and finally ended our final match with a perfect win. He's still got it folks! I'm honored to call this guy my pal, and look forward to many more good times with him and all my EGM buds in the future!

Also, this was when I invented the flaming Dragon Punch. You're welcome.

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